9 Apr

All of my plans, strength, and will had failed me time and again, No matter how hard I’d try, I couldn’t break the chains of sin.

I had run my own races and fought my own fights; Used everything I could summon, used all of my might.

The line between the end of myself and the beginning of hell, no one could see. I needed to be saved from everything, but mainly from me.

Full of pride and arrogance, I thought I could do it all. Coming down from your own pedestal is a pretty rough fall.

I found a place called rock bottom, through no one’s fault but my own. That’s when I heard a still, small voice saying, “You are not alone”

Broken, battered, and scarred by the choices I’d made, The voice came again, “Your debts been paid”

I had run out of options, was at the end of my rope; That’s where I was given the gift of desperation…and from that came hope.

From the pits of hell to the foot of the Cross, He showed me the way after having been so lost.

I had nothing to offer, but nowhere else to turn; The voice again, “My love you cannot earn”

But I’ve messed up so much and have so many demons to face; Even clearer now, “Sufficient is My Grace”

But Lord, I’m so broken and tired; don’t you want only the best? “Come to Me, My child, and I will give you rest”

It wasn’t about what I could do or how good I could be; It was ALL about Jesus and what He had already done for me.

He set aside the Glory of Heaven to live the life we could not live; Knowing that for us, His life He would give.

The worst feeling I’ve ever known is that of being utterly alone; But Christ felt that on the Cross where my sins He did atone.

By His wounds, the chains are gone and I’ve been set free; I’ve started to become the man God intended me to be.

The pieces are being put back together; His work is being made complete; I’m doing what I can to be His hands…His feet.

He has mended what was broken and given me a story; My life belongs to my Savior…To God Be The Glory!

Jimmy Braddock     April 7, 2014


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