11 Nov

Leading up to, during, and now following the election, I have chosen to abstain from any politically related posts on Facebook or Twitter. I have managed to stay clear of debates and arguments and I have not made a made a public statement of my allegiance to one candidate or another (Not that anybody was waiting on the edge of their seat to find out who I endorsed) I did post one status expressing my concern regarding the  general lack of respect being shown towards each other (and their political views) You have to admit…Things got nasty:-(

Maybe this is a good place to reiterate that these are simply my opinions, observations, and beliefs.

Rather than people coming together for an election, the election has divided the people! I have heard people questioning whether or not the outcome could truly be Gods will. I don’t profess to know what Gods will for other people is and certainly don’t know for over 300 million americans. I don’t know whether or not the outcome was pleasing to God. But, I can’t help but believe the process and division certainly is NOT! According to Proverbs 6:16 & 19, one of the “seven (things) that are an abomination to Him” (v16) is “one who sows discord among his brothers” (v19) When I reference this scripture, I am not talking about any candidate. I am talking about us…anyone who has contributed to this division. We have separated ourselves from one another and further separated ourselves from God. The only winner in our separation is the enemy we all have in common-satan. And, he is revelling in our discord!

So, all votes are counted, there are no more ads on tv, and Facebook is beginning to get back to everyday drama, what do we do now? As for me and my house we will serve the Lord! Neither the councilman, mayor, governor, nor president hold the keys to my future. None of them have authored the story of the next four years of my (and my families) life. We, as a people, have become more worried about who represents our interests here on earth that we have forgotten that God always has our best interest in mind for eternity. We have become so consumed with our physical, financial, and earthly happiness that we are sacrificing our eternal joy. We are so adamant about being right and getting what we deserve that we have forgotten the fact that we are filled with sin and, by the Grace of God, haven’t gotten what we deserve.

Of all the pictures that floated around social media during the election, my favorite said; “No matter who is president, Jesus is King” That is the best news we could get and it is definitely cause to rejoice. He is still King, He is still on His throne, He is still soveriegn, and He still loves us! God knew the outcome of this election and when it gets down to it, we shouldn’t be worried about the next four (or forty) years because He is already there. We will all deal with tough times, we will all struggle, and we will all experience suffering.  But, we have the promise of a Savior as a way of escape! Whether we are struggling with the election, the results, people in general, or a litany of other issues, God will use any and all of our struggles to bring Glory to Himself. We tend to pray for God to change our circumstances when He may be using our circumstances to change us.

We are commanded to love God and love others. And, if we love Jesus, we will keep these commandments. I choose to do everything I can to keep these commandments. I choose to rest in the promise of eternity with Him and not play into the enemies hand by being devisive and sowing discord.

I have rambled longer than I intended to get to this point-Jesus is King and our future is in Him, not any man! The only other choice we need to be concerned with is that we were chosen by Him to be joint heirs to His Kingdom!



  1. Kelley M. November 12, 2012 at 6:52 am #

    AMEN Jimmy. I totally agree. “Do we really think God’sWill was done with the election?” – well, let me say this – if it wasn’t God’s will, don’t we think He is big enough he woulda changed it???? I do. He knew the outcome long before we did – we exercised our (very) human and fleshly right to vote – but he trumps all as far as we’re concerned. Just my thoughts!!!! Wish there had been more people like you during election time – all of our lives would have been a lot less negative and much more positive!

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